The Start

The old site of UKI Architects was over ten years old so it needed a fresh start. Työmaa interviewed stakeholders, created user personas, designed information architecture and crafted a fully working prototype of the new site. With the prototype client had a chance to test all the basic interactions and also see how the content was arranged.

Detailed Interactions

All the buttons, navigations and other interactions were designed with the highest detail. For example small animations in the buttons create a natural warm feeling when using the site. Animations are smooth and mellow so that they don't distract users' focus from the content.

Detailed Interactions

Responsive sites are today's standard. We took UKI's site one step further. User can choose a FULL SCREEN MODE from the main navigation top right corner.

Full screen mode is optimal when using the site on presentation situations like meetings, events or fairs.

The Final Design

The site is minimal. Intuitive. Responsive. It speaks the same language with the client and their strategy. Trustworthy. Professional. Detailed. And it looks and feels that it is designed with a high standards and users in mind, like architecture itself.


Photographing of UKI Architects employees was also done by Työmaa. It helped Työmaa's designers to get to know all the UKI's employees more closely and lead the way to inside knowledge of architecture, design philosophy and history of the company.

Finnish To English

English version of the site is coming this year. Here are the main navigations translated to english.

Design Agency Työmaa

Pasi Lehtinen, Digital Creative Director, Design, IA, UI/UX
Mari Kiirikki, IA, Content Conceptualization
Uula Muoniovaara, IA, Research, User Analysis

Saara Orvola, Account Director
Juha Mikkilä, Creative Director

UKI Architects

Mikko Heikkinen, CEO
Kimmo Mansisto, Leading Architect
Vesa-Pekka Kiiskinen, Architect, Project Manager on Marketing


Olli Aapro,