Not your everyday powerpoint

JOT Automation wanted their sales material to be up to speed with their excellence in the automation industry. Työmaa designed a new kind of online sales presentation to tell the story of JOT.

JOT Automation company presentation
Design & concept
  • Työmaa
  • Jori Nissinen, Account Director
  • Perttu Murto, Art Director
  • Uula Muoniovaara, Copywriter
  • Koodiviidakko
  • Henri Huovinen, Sales Manager
  • Tomi Taskila, Front end developer
  • JOT Automation
  • Lauri Antila, Vice President, Business Development
  • Heidi Antila, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

JOT Automation is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics production automation solutions (read: robots that build smartphones, the new Mac Pros, and other neat stuff).

JOT needed Työmaa to make their sales materials look good and, more importantly, to make it easy to use – offline and online. Our solution was a HTML5 based web presentation, which is easily updatable, simple and intuitive to use.

Our goal was to design a UX that works as smooth as a JOT production line.

Making of

Design process

The whole project ran smoothly, thanks to the active dialogue with the customer. We brought the project from behind closed doors to a more open table.

t_jot t_jot2 t_strategy t_strategy2

After getting briefed, we did a thorough content inventory. This allowed us to draw an overall structure of the presentation and put everything in its right place. A lot of content was taken from JOT's current materials, like powerpoints and video archives.

The UI sketching process focused on the overall flow of the presentation. We wanted to achieve smooth transitions and clear navigation in order to create an automated feel and highlight JOT's brand essence.

Wireframing also played an important role in the overall user experience design. It allowed us to try out different layouts and visualizations. At that point the customer could grasp the presentation as a whole and provide us with relevant comments. The changes were then easy to take into account before finalizing the UI design.

In the final visual design phase we concentrated on making the the presentation look and work as good as possible. We wanted to utilize HTML5 technology, but still keep the interactions simple and restrained.

UX features

The most important user group is JOT's sales people.
We designed some simple yet really useful features for them.

Keyboard navigation

The content pages are laid out horizontally and only the headline slides are on top of each other. The presenter and the online user can navigate from one page to the next intuitively with arrow keys.

Mouse navigation

The standard mouse driven navigation was designed with online users in mind. The headlines are shown on the start page, but the contents can be popped open from the side navigation anytime. From there it's easy jump to a certain page.

Screen saver

When the presentation is idle for a while on the start page or the key figures pages, it automatically starts to show the contents. This is handy when the presentation is in the background at a trade fair booth or on a screen in the beginning of a meeting.

Keyboard shortcuts

We created a few shortcuts to make the presenting easier. On some screens key figures and additional information are in hidden behind their headlines. The contents can be easily shown one by one with number keys.




The presentation adapts from tablets to HDTVs. It works smoothly in a one to one situation on an iPad as well as on a big screen in a meeting.


The final presentation

At the end of the project we delivered an impressive
company presentation and a fullscreen JOT experience.

collage jot1 jot2 jot3 jot4 jot5

“Great project with great people, creative but disciplined professionals, and extremely fun to work with.
We've got a lot of positive feedback about the company presentation and it will make a major difference on how both own people and customers and all the other stakeholders will perceive JOT Automation as a company.”

– Lauri Antila, Vice President, JOT Automation

Thank You

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